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Co-workers, clients and business associates provide testimonials about Sarina Roffé and the work of the Sarina Roffe Group, Inc. These testimonials are a representative sample of what her peers think of the staff, the company and their ability.

“Sarina is a consummate professional familiar with the ins and outs of payroll and HR. Her background in a large variety of business areas gives her sound understanding of the day to day issues that arise. I heartily recommend her as a person who can partner with you to make your business grow.”

Eric Moseson, Vice President, Store Operations Ritz Camera

“Sarina is the consummate professional. She is smart, driven and capable. She has the ability to see the big picture and manage all the moving parts of a project. Her knowledge base is extremely broad, but also deep. She gets more done in a day than most of us do in a week!”

Natasha Rosenstock Nadel, Content Creator, Freelance Writer, Copy Editor

“Sarina is a consummate marketing professional with a clear understanding of how to craft effective marketing strategies. She is highly attuned to both the big picture thinking — able to create a compelling vision for an organization — as well as the details that make a project successful. In addition, she is adept at understanding the the various personalities and politics in organizations and negotiate the nuances necessary for building consensus.”

Howard Adam Levy, Principal and Creative Director, Red Rooster Group

“Sarina Roffe is not a typical consultant, she brings a grab bag of tools and ideas to each assignment and shares them freely with her clients. Sarina takes pride in her work and this radiates in the results of the projects she completes. Sarina and I have worked on several projects together, the largest was, the official New York City Web Site. Sarina was always a joy to work with and she cared about the outcome of her efforts, her contribution was a direct result of receiving Best of the Web awards three years in a row.”

“Sarina is a great speaker who constantly motivates people to enhance their communication and leadership skills. She provides excellent evaluations to members that help them to improve their speeches. As an Area 21 Governor, Sarina always stepped in when we needed her help as a speaker or an evaluator and had followed up on our club’s progress. Sarina is a very reliable person, who will be there for you when you need her help.”

Diane Witek, Director of Enterprise Messaging Services, NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

“Sarina recommended me for a project and then managed the proposal from beginning to end. She is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Marian Stern, Principal, Projects In Philanthropy

“Sarina is highly skilled, creative and diligent consultant who is very results oriented. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Eli Greenberg, Attorney at Law

"I had a pleasure to meet Sarina through her work in Toastmasters as an Area 21 Governor. Sarina is a great speaker who constantly motivates people to enhance their communication and leadership skills. She provides excellent evaluations to members that help them to improve their speeches. As an Area 21 Governor, Sarina always stepped in when we needed her help as a speaker or an evaluator and had followed up on our club’s progress. Sarina is a very reliable person, who will be there for you when you need her help. Sarina, thank you for your service to Toastmasters"

Raisa Serebrenik, District 46 Governor, Toastmasters International

“Sarina is a “people” oriented person. She has a plethora of experiences in organization, financial planning, building clientele and goal setting.”

Joan Rupert, Director, West Coast Cued Speech Services

“Sarina is creative and passionate about what she does and would do an excellent job with any company she does work for. I recommend her highly.

Shannon Howell, President, Devcon Services Group

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sarina and the Roffe Group over the past several months. The work focused on complex, start-up type situations for three different entities. In each case I was impressed with Sarina’s energy, attention to detail and ability to manage challenging personalities. Sarina is a seasoned, sophisticated professional.”

Ricky Cohen, Former CEO, Conway Capital

“Sarina has hit the ground running in an effort to bring more public awareness to the work of the Yad Sarah organization and the role of this organization, Friends of Yad Sarah. She has a thorough understanding of the field. Sarina has quickly developed a strategy to help us meet our goals and began implementation immediately. We are looking forward to great results.”

Adele Goldberg, Executive Director, Friends of Yad Sarah

“Sarina is a savvy, experienced hands-on pro whose judgment and execution are first rate. Sarina has great strength dealing with press and understands the special challenges of development and communications in the non-profit world as well as anyone I know. I have worked with Sarina on several occasions when the organization she served had a crisis to deal with. When Sarina is involved with an organization, she knows everything about it, so every tactical option is vetted and all aspects of the organization are considered. She’s a thorough professional and a pleasure to work with. I commend her highly.”

Larry Weinberg, Principal, Navicom Group

“Sarina Roffe is an extremely talented and dedicated professional who is uniquely qualified to work with nonprofits and small businesses to create or upgrade public relations/communications strategies, marketing plans, and brand identity. Her solid experience in these areas allows her to zero in on issues and successfully resolve them. She is a proven expert in government relations and understands the ins and outs of lobbying for a cause.

I have always admired Sarina for her ability to juggle many large projects at once, and would describe her as a true creative thinker with the focus and determination to overcome obstacles and make things happen.

The fact that JNF is today an NGO of the United Nations is completely due to Sarina’s initiative and hard work. Her expertise in government relations set JNF on a path that continues to reap benefits. Since Sarina left JNF, she has added a wide range of skills to her portfolio, and I’ve greatly admired the marketing efforts she did for ORT.”

Linda Wenger, Executive Director, Uniting Against Lung Cancer

“Sarina is truly one of the most amazing women that I have met in my lifetime. It was a privilege to work under Sarina as she is strong, passionate, and full of knowledge in her field – yet, at the same time, genuine, honest, and responsive with her employees.

With Sarina, you find structure and balance. She sets goals for her company and individual employees to reach, and they are surpassed. Sarina builds trust with her employees, which in turn, makes them eager to please her. Sarina is a woman of her word, a wonderful manager, a strong woman, and one very smart lady! She would make an incredible addition to any company, and will produce absolute results not only in operations itself, but in the spirit, enthusiasm, and ambition of the overall organization as a whole.”

Elsa Valentine, Former Buyer, C&A Marketing Inc.

“Sarina has been my mentor ever since I joined Toastmasters International to further develop my public speaking and leadership skills. She truly embodies the Toastmasters spirit of leadership, teamwork and competence. She sets an outstanding example as the club’s first Distinguished Toastmaster and serves as a mentor to many newcomers. I have benefited from her effective coaching, feedback and mentorship a great deal and believe she would be an asset to any organization.”

Solomon Mardakhayev, Financial Analyst, ADMOR Holding LLC

“I met and did design work with Sarina when she was director of communications for a mayoral department. After that stint she worked in a several non-profit agencies where she invited me to work on graphic production. She has remarkable skills in editing, communications and marketing. She is very organized, detail-oriented, and direct as to design decisions. In organizations that need a group approval, she uses considerable people skills to form consensus and be tough when needed.”

John Yue, Director of Media Design Services, The City of New York

“Sarina is a very creative and talented professional whose ideas and energy always advanced a project. As the Communications Director she was a valuable member of a national fundraising team, listening to the wants and needs of the fundraisers and providing us with top quality materials and ideas tailored to meet our specific needs. Her integrity and honesty make her a valuable employee and colleague.”

Roni Wallace, Regional Director, ORT America

“During my tenure on the board of directors of the National Cued Speech Association I had the opportunity to observe Sarina’s leadership and management skills. She maintained strong oversight in all aspects of the organization from accounting to programming. During her presidency Sarina increased the visibility and capabilities of the NCSA, allowing the organization to carry out its mission in a more efficient and effective manner. Any organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, will benefit from Sarina’s experience and management skills.”

Aaron Rose, Director of Camps and Affiliates, National Cued Speech Association

“Sarina Roffe is one of the most effective leaders I know. In the early 2000′s she became President of the National Cued Speech Association, a national non-profit organization that focuses on Cued Speech and improving literacy rates of deaf children. Her vision for the NCSA exceeded everyone’s imagination, she thought “big” and she effectively rebuilt it from the ground up, creating a solid financial foundation. Her goals and objectives became multi-pronged and under her leadership, the NCSA was able to work with the federal government to create opportunity for Cued Speech, leading to the legal recognition and protection of Cued Speech under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. She created opportunity by securing funding from congressional appropriations which were required to establish a national level of standards and certifications for Cued Speech professionals, instructors, transliterators, teachers of the deaf, speech therapists and anyone who comes into contact with a deaf child’s educational development. Today, the NCSA has a full time Executive Director, whch she is directly responsible for. It is because of Sarina that deaf children and individuals throughout America and abroad have a greater array of educational and employment opportunities available to them.”

Josh Libby, Regional Director – New England, National Cued Speech Association

“All those who come in contact with Sarina Roffé are extremely lucky people. We went together to graduate school and because of her caring and diligence she made the whole time that we were together doable. She organized study groups, made sure that if you were absent you had access to class notes and made sure that everyone in the class had partnership. Our course work was quite difficult, but with Sarina’s assistance and support the work became easier. Just knowing that you had someone to contact when you were struggling changed the whole complexion of the course into a manageable program. Thanks to Sarina’s efforts I was able to graduate with a higher average than I would have gotten on my own.”

Cynthia Altman, Student, Touro College

“Sarina Roffe is a terrifically talented individual, skilled in all aspects of public relations and communications. She understands the importance of the Web, Twitter, Facebook and other social/Internet networking programs. She is excellent at multi-tasking, writing and can organize, manage and implement any project, however challenging or large, with professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. Sarina gets the work done! In addition, as my direct supervisor, she encouraged me to learn and grow new skills. Everyone here remains impressed by her abilities.”

Bonnie Hirsch, Communications Assistant, ORT America

“Sarina energized a moribund PR operation at ORT America, bringing to bear considerable experience, know-how, drive and focus with impressive results.”

Stefan Bialoguski, Media and Public Relations, World ORT

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