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Marketing and Communications Services

The image of any organization or business is conveyed through branding and imaging, and the professional development of well-crafted marketing materials, both online and print. Through a variety of exceptional resources the Sarina Roffé Group will develop the materials needed to effectively communicate your message.

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Branding your organization or company - having a clear image, look and feel that is easily identifiable – and assuring that the brand is consistently used correctly by following branding guidelines, is one of the most difficult things for small business and non-profits to manage, especially if they are member-based organizations.

With the savviness of the 21st century consumer, it is imperative that company materials maintain a consistent look and feel. How embarrassing is it if your logo is used in different colors, sizes, and fonts?The Sarina Roffé Group is experienced at developing and establishing a professional looking brand, as well as identifying strategies to be sure the brand is used correctly by stakeholders, including members of nonprofit organizations. We will analyze your materials and identify strategies to improve professionalism and presentation. 

Electronic News and Social Networking - It’s the 21st century and now more than ever, sending your news electronically to supporters, customers, clients or vendors, is faster, more efficient and fiscally sound.

The Sarina Roffé Group will create an electronic newsletter that can effectively deliver your message, tips, anecdotes and stories that assure you are always in the mind of your constituents. We can link those messages to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and any new social networking outlets that become popular to be sure your message is delivered quickly and accurately.

To be a successful company or organization today, it is imperative to be on top of today’s technology and be able to project your message and products to the world.With numerous successes in this arena to our credit, the Sarina Roffé Group will deliver an electronic product that is sure to go viral! 

Newsletters Creating a well-designed, well thought out and well written print newsletter is one of the Sarina Roffé Group’s key strengths. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and 20 years of experience as a reporter and editor, Sarina Roffé has a talent for enticing readers and creating organization or company buy-in. The key to a good print newsletter is understanding the news and having a well-balanced newsletter that provides constant updates and interesting information.

Web site - A web site says who you are and is your entry into the world. A web site allows you to expand on what you say but must be user friendly and the elements must be easy to find. The Sarina Roffé Group has written the content and site maps for numerous web sites and will work with you to be sure your web site is up to date and easily manageable within your budget. 


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