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Strategic Planning Services

What are your company goals? Objectives?

What does your organization want to accomplish?

Do you have a strategic plan to accomplish the objectives?

Having a strategic plan provides direction, identifies objectives and sets clear goals for a company, organization, or even a department.

Developing a strategic plan, one that can guide the company in the coming years, takes thought, discussion and must be mutually agreed upon by the management, principles and staff.

Once goals are set, and there is buy in to those goals, then a plan can be put in place to achieve the objectives.

The Sarina Roffé Group has extensive experience with strategic planning and will work with the appropriate stakeholders to develop a plan that will guide you to achieve the goals set.


There was no clear direction and a stagnant organization was doing the same things year after year. The Sarina Roffé Group met with the board to do strategic planning during a two-day retreat. During a variety of exercises, the board developed a wish list of goals they wanted to accomplish over a three-year period. The board prioritized their list and finally developed a plan on how to accomplish the goals, some of which needed funding. During the next three years, Sarina Roffé led the board in accomplishing the goals and every one was accomplished! As a result, the organization received national recognition and respect, attracting new members.
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