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Jewish National Fund

Jewish National Fund (JNF) had a great mission – caretaker of the land of Israel. But its message was not getting out. Jewish National Fund was outsourcing its public relations and media efforts. Sarina Roffé began as Director of Communications in 2002 and started the public relations department from scratch. She analyzed previous media efforts and realized that the press releases lacked heart. Newspapers were not picking up the releases because they needed localization. Information being released was inconsistent.

Second, Sarina found that Jewish National Fund did not have a recognized international presence in the United Nations as did other Jewish organizations of the same age.

The Solutions

Press - Sarina worked to develop stories that showed the impact that JNF’s mission had on the people and land of Israel. As a journalist who had been a managing editor, she knew how to write headlines that would attract newspaper editors. By finding examples of how JNF’s work improved lives, she was able to write stories that backed into its work. Often she would call a local lay leader for a comment and localize the story for a community newspaper. Sarina called newspaper editors and established relationships with them. Newspaper editors began telling her they always read her releases and commented on how they were clear and well written. Many editors picked up the releases word for word.

Government Relations – Sarina Roffé wrote and represented Jewish National Fund’s successful application for NGO status with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

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