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Shehebar Sephardic Center

The Issues

The Shehebar Sephardic Center has a great cause and many wonderful stories to tell about its work around the world. Issues identified by the Sarina Roffé Group included professionalism, data management and marketing. Data was in several different places and this scatter provided challenges in doing searches, having lists, and finding information to make appointments. Staff time was wasted finding information. To compound issues, the organization was located in Israel and had no real leadership in the United States, where most of its donors lived.

The Solutions

Professionalism – The Sarina Roffé Group made a series of policy recommendations to increase professionalism and the image of the organization. These recommendations included dress, use of the logo on materials, and presentation.

Data Management – The Sarina Roffé Group organized the information into one program, resulting in a savings of staff time so that it was searchable and at the fingertips of staff.

Marketing – The Sarina Roffé Group worked to distribute an online newsletter, which connected with Facebook and Twitter and went viral. We interviewed recipients, and developed stories and a message. Suddenly, after just six months, people were talking about the organization, surprised at the depth and breadth of its work.

Fiscal Integrity – After on eyear of working with the organization, it received its first certified indeenpdent audit and was accepted into the Combined Federal Campaign by the US Office of Personnel Management. This official stamp of approval is carried by less than one percent of nonprofits in the United States.

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