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Policies and Procedures Writing Services

Unclear policies and procedures, a “this is the way we have always done it” attitude and lack of a clear line of authority can only get a company into trouble when faced with challenges.

Written policies and procedures give everyone in the company a point of reference for where the company stands on a variety of issues. Some policies are required by law, such as equal employment opportunity. Others, such as overtime, have both legal and person definitions and can be interpreted to mean different things. Having well written policies and procedures reduce misunderstandings and protect the employer.

The Sarina Roffé Group will write professional and clear Policies and Procedures that will benefit your company or organization by providing a reference point for questions about how the company operates.


When working with a religious company with a high number of paid religious and federal holidays, the company occasionally needed to open on a Sunday to make up for lost work days. Paying employees for religious holidays when the business closes is not required by law.


Many employees refused to work on the occasional Sundays needed – even if it was on the company calendar – to make up for the days the business was closed. The company could not legally require the employees to work on the occasional Sunday.

The Sarina Roffé Group worked with owners to write a comprehensive overtime policy that clearly stated that employees who did not work on the calendared Sundays were not entitled to be paid for the religious holidays.

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