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Data Management Services

Is all your data in one place?

Can you search the data?

Do you have a good email list?

How do you manage your data?

Working with many companies, The Sarina Roffé Group has found that information is often scattered among different computer programs, in cell phones, and in a variety of places. As a result, work was often duplicated and the company appeared inefficient.

Data Management – We will make sure it is searchable, that emails are up to date and that the information is at your fingertips in seconds.

With a good list, you can search for anything, do mail merges, send electronic newsletters and even segment the lists by demographics you set!


In one company, we found information in the bookkeeping software, scattered among several computers in their contact lists, and among several cell phones. When trying to make appointments, staff was literally spending hours finding contact information that should have been at their fingertips in seconds. As a result, staff time was lost, along with opportunities that could have resulted in business moving forward. The Sarina Roffé Group immediately recognized the problem and took the data, centralizing it in one place. One the data was input into the right software program, staff time was saved, resulting in a more efficient way to handle business.

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