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Employee Recognition Services

In today’s workplace, where companies have to find ways to cut expenses, management must find ways to build company loyalty. What better way to appreciate employees than by establishing an Employee Recognition Program? A happy worker – one who feels appreciated – will be both loyal and productive.

The Sarina Roffé Group will work with your company to identify cost effective ways to recognize employees that will make them feel appreciated and noticed.

We will work with managers to build a positive work environment that relieves stress, energizes employees to be more productive and helps them feel they are making a meaningful contribution.


While working with a mail order company, workers felt unappreciated. Most earned minimum wage, and they did not receive vacation pay or health benefits. As a result, there was high employee turnover, resulting in higher costs due to time spent training.


The Sarina Roffé Group recommended the implementation of a low cost Employee Recognition program, designed to build company loyalty and increase employee satisfaction in the workplace. We implemented a monthly model that resulted in happier, more productive employees and saved the company money.

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