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Donor and Board Relations

A Board of Directors is the backbone of any nonprofit organization. Board members want to feel like they are making a meaningful contribution and in most cases, that their donor dollars are being spent wisely on the organization mission.

Boards can be composed differently. In large organizations there may be over 100 board members who meet annually and then a small group that guides the staff. In smaller organizations the board may actually do most of the work with one or no staff person.


The recruitment of a quality board, one that embraces the mission, and is willing to devote time and resources to the success of the organization, are a crucial part of the organization’s success.


Relations with donors – especially major donors, are invaluable. In the 21st Century, donors no longer are willing to give their hard earned dollars without investigating the organization, checking their tax filings, and making sure that the annual audit is completed.


The Sarina Roffé Group is experienced at all of these functions and can work with your company or organization to assure that board members and donors are satisfied with the projects, budgets and strategies used.


David was a member of an organization whose mission he embraced. As the owner of a multimillion-dollar international company, David was never approached to give anything more than $36 annually for membership, even though he had the potential to be a major donor.


The Sarina Roffé identified David as a prospect to be recruited to the board. David was delighted to provide his expertise. During the first few months, as David saw the budget, analyzed operations and was more comfortable with how donor dollars were spent, he increased his annual gift. In the second year, David became a major donor, directing his gift to a project he embraced.

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