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Fundraising Planning Services

Keeping a nonprofit organization on its feet involves effective fundraising and fundraising planning services. Generating income and donations requires new and creative ways to get the message out and assure donors that their gifts are. The first step in fundraising is to identify projects and plan an annual campaign. With more than two decades of nonprofit experience, the Sarina Roffé Group can help you plan all aspects of your fundraising campaign.

Planning Your Campaign

To successfully fundraise, an organization must have an effective message, one that resonates with donors and is compelling. There are also different components to a successful campaign, such as integration with marketing and having trustworthy data.

Planning a fundraising campaign involves comprehensive planning and analysis of your donors to determine fundraising potential. Second, projects must be identified, each with a specific cost and a case for giving developed.

From direct mail campaigns, to project based fundraising, The Sarina Roffé Group can help your organization focus and develop a successful campaign.

Grant Writing

In many ways grant writing is an art form. There are nuances to writing and developing a grant application. There are also differences between writing government grant applications versus private foundation grants.

Consult with the Sarina Roffé Group to determine if we can help you with your grant writing needs.


The XYZ organization depended on an annual grant for its operating budget. When the grant was threatened, there was no plan in place for fundraising. Board members were not expected to contribute, a culture that was difficult to overcome.


The Sarina Roffé Group worked with the president to develop an annual campaign. A case for giving was written and some grant applications were written and approved.. A direct mail appeal was implemented twice a year. A monthly online appeal was developed.

To change the board culture of giving, a plan was implemented. In the first year, board members were given an orientation on the need for fundraising. The second year, they were given samples of letters to write and expected to raise a small sum of money. Some board members simply wrote a check for the amount as they didn’t want to fundraise. The third year a minimum contribution was expected. Over time, the board culture changed to one where giving and fundraising were expected.

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